Meet Toni

Toni cartoon

Early in my life, I developed eczema. It would show up on my face and my upper arms the most. It was itchy, and it made me feel so self-conscious. My skin, in general, was so dry that I would get scratches and cuts all the time. Every time I had a new idea to try to moisturize myself, I would try it. Baby lotion and petroleum jelly, water-based lotion and olive oil, water-based lotion mixed with shea butter. Essential oils here and there. They all worked for a little, but I knew my skin deserved more moisture.

One day, I decided to test out making my own whipped body butter. I was already mixing my own hybrid products, so why not take it to the next level to find something good. At heart, I’m a researcher and I have been for over 7 years. I used my skills and researched ratios of effectiveness for each ingredient to make sure that I was using enough to have a positive impact on my skin. I used peer-reviewed (justified by a team of researchers) articles to better understand all of my ingredients. I also wanted to make sure that I was using an appropriate amount of essential oils, so on top of my research, I attended workshops with experts. I began by whipping more familiar butters and oils.

I tested my recipe for two years and came up with at least 10 different versions. Every new version was better than the last. Here I am with my final recipe – a beautiful body butter that moisturizes all day.