Where byToni Naturals Donates

10% of profits are donated to a mutual aid fund or non-profit organization that directly helps members of the community. This changes every 3 months.


From October-December 2021, byToni Naturals will be donating to Change the NYPD.

Why this group?

Broken windows policing, which promotes hyper-aggressive enforcement of minor non-violent infractions by certain people deemed to reflect disorder, has perpetuated the abusive and discriminatory treatment of entire communities. Yet, it has continued to dramatically expand. This has resulted in policing that undermines public safety and trust including biased stop-and-frisk abuses, unconstitutional searches, racially disparate marijuana arrests and summonses, discriminatory profiling and harassment, and the use of excessive force.

These NYPD policies and practices often aggressively target and disproportionally impact communities of color, including: young people, homeless people, LGBTQ people, people with cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, immigrants, women, and Muslim communities.”

—Change the NYPD