Face Butter

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This is a whipped moisturizer made specifically for the face. All ingredients are non-comedogenic to prevent pore clogging (blackheads/pimples). Face Butter is a "little bit goes a long way" kind of product. Just a finger tip of it will cover your face. Don't worry if it feels a little oily at first because it will dry matte.

There's no fragrance in this product and very little essential oil as those are typically irritants. The ingredients are: Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Manuka Honey, and Tea Tree Oil

Customer Reviews

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My go to facial moisturizer - must have for the dry skin girlies!

Face Butter, the best!

I have been using the face butter for almost a year. I like to try a product for a while to see if it works for me and it does. I have dry skin. The Face Butter has the right amount of moisture to make me feel hydrated all day long. I am getting ready to put in my 3rd order and there will be more to come.

My favorite face cream

I came across byToni by a free sample and once I ordered this face cream it's been my favorite! Very versatile for the winter and summer and keeps my skin feeling plump all day. Also lasts me for months. highly recommend!

Toni N
Fantastic Face Magic

I love this face butter! Really hydrates and you only need the tiniest amount to fully cover your face. Leaves my face feeling good and not greasy or gross!

Call me Butter Face

I want byToni’s creamy Face Butter all over my face everyday and all day. I also use byToni’s delightful Face Butter on my scalp to battle my itchy scratchy flaky ucky yucky icky dry potato head. I rub it in at night and the next day my scalp feels like a big bowl of delicious mashed potatoes. Mmmmm buttery.
Hello Toni? Toni, I adore you and all that you do.