Face Butter

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This is a whipped moisturizer made specifically for the face. All ingredients are non-comedogenic to prevent pore clogging (blackheads/pimples). Face Butter is a "little bit goes a long way" kind of product. Just a finger tip of it will cover your face. Don't worry if it feels a little oily at first because it will dry matte.

There's no fragrance in this product and very little essential oil as those are typically irritants. The ingredients are: Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Rosehip Oil, Manuka Honey, and Tea Tree Oil

Customer Reviews

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Lashana Abrahams

Very moisturizing. Gives my skin a bit of a glow!

Lovely night cream

I've started using this as night cream and it is just fantastic. I wake up and my face just feels so smooth and rejuvenated! My skin tends to be a combo of oily/dry and so I was a little nervous, but I haven't had any breakouts/issues and I love applying it to my face! Seriously my forehead and cheeks have never felt so good! Definitely gonna get more, especially once winter rolls around!

Antiganee Cain
Just perfect

The skin on my face is super sensitive, especially in the summer time. Too much exposure to the sun will often leave me with hypo-pigmentation and dry flaky skin. I had already incorporated a better sunscreen regimen and vitamin c serum in the mornings but I was looking for something to use before bed. I've been using this every night for the past couple of weeks after double cleansing and it has really helped my skin stay hydrated. In the mornings, there's no dryness or oiliness. I just wake up with smooth skin and I love it. And like the directions say, you really don't need much even though you might want to put more since it's so velvety!

Des M.
Simple and clean option for a basic skincare routine

Was one of the testers who got to try out this face butter over the past winter season. I love this product!

My face tends to dry out and flake during winter due to indoor heating and dry air, but it didn’t happen this season due to this face butter!

I have oily, slightly sensitive skin (I try to avoid skincare products with fragrance) and I’m lazy (my skincare routine is usually 2-3 steps: cleanser, maybe a serum, and this butter). This face butter lasted through a good 3 months, using it day and night. A little goes a long way!

Two things to note- since I have oily skin, I did need to blot my face at the end of the day. Another note is, this product *might* cause pilling depending on your skin type AND if you have a multi step skincare routine (for example, one morning i did cleanser, serum, then a gel moisturizer, then this face butter, and then my spf...and it pilled. So...barebones skincare routine!)