So Blessed and So Clean

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Have you ever wanted to smell fresh? Like – FRESH. This light body butter flavor is truly for you. Moisturized skin and freshness. Quadruple your freshness by slathering yourself immediately after your shower. Trust me. (Contains essential oils and some fragrance)

This flavor was named in honor of Outkast’s “So Fresh and So Clean.”

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Megan Dwyer

So Blessed and So Clean

No lotion ever cuts it again.

byToni Naturals is my absolute favorite. No lotion will ever do again. Right after a shower it feels amazing & I haven’t had to worry about dry skin for the last 3 years of use. A MUST!!!

You need this

One of the best smelling luxurious body butters. Honestly if you don't have it already what are you waiting for? Try it. You'll love it.

Duane Bussue-Herbert
Smells Amazing

My favorite thing to put on right after I shower. It smells amazing and leaves my skin nice and moisturize.

Absolutely Amazing!

I was never big or crazy about body butter until my friend told me about this product, and I absolutely love it! The body butter melts quickly as you rub it into your skin, and it keeps the skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. Even the oils are the right amount and it does not leave any excessive residue (unlike in other products I’ve used). This product is just perfect! The scent is also a plus - very lovely, and I honestly don’t think I will be using any other body lotions. This is now my go-to body skin care product :)